Coachella Vibes

If you were amongst the masses that attended Coachella this year, I’m jealous. From the majestic backdrop of mountains splashed with tall palm trees and story book tee-pees, to the Recyclosaurus Rex collecting recyclable materials and Ursus (the hottest polar bear around, spreading knowledge about climate change), Coachella never disappoints and somehow always seems to bring out the inner hippie in all of us. A subject often associated with “hippies” would be sustainability, and unlike many festivals of this size – Coachella is actually making a great effort in this department. It’s 10-for-1 plastic bottle recycling program is a clever way to get festival goers to start picking up after themselves (and others) as it exchanges plastic bottles for merchandise credit. Some attendees were singled out in the crowd to have a date with a giant polar bear mascot that would quiz them about climate change (amongst other familiar categories) to have the chance to win prizes including backstage passes. Other eco-friendly initiatives included Carpoolchella (need I explain this one?), exchanging all site map plastic signage with wooden alternatives, recycled art installations throughout the festival and more. It’s a step in the right direction and it’s great to see that on a large scale festival like Coachella. Well done.






Like many music festivals, you’ll find your typical girls bathed in fringe, tie-dye, and unicorn sparkles. For me, I had more of a vintage western vision, and while I wasn’t actually in attendance (boo) – here’s my take on a Coachella-worthy OOTD:


~ Vintage 80’s western button down with shoulder cutouts and metal buttons

~ Stretchy black slip  (vintage, thrifted)

~Thrifted oversized black sun hat

~ 80’s fanny pack to hold the essentials (and avoid carrying around a purse), thrifted black zip boots with chunky heels for extra support in the grass

~ A blanket to lie on when tired or to wrap myself in if I got cold in the evening/night

~ Vintage round sunglasses with blue reflective glass. This particular pair has a flip up design so you can have regular prescription glasses on one layer and sunglasses on a second


What I love about this outfit is that it is eco-friendly in the sense that nothing was purchased new. Everything was vintage, 2nd hand, or thrifted and they are items that I already had in my closet. I know that a lot of people use events as an excuse to go shopping and buy a new outfit (which I can totally relate with and have done myself), but I believe that it’s healthier for the environment (and your wallet) to stick with something you already own. Beauty products featured include two of my favorite makeup brands, 100% Pure and Pacifica. They offer a variety of vegan, organic, and all natural makeup products that are not tested on animals. Also, not pictured but not to be forgotten – sunscreen. I haven’t found a brand of sunscreen that I particularly love – but right now I’m testing out the Alba Botanica SPF 45. It’s also not tested on animals, is biodegradable and is water resistant for about 80 minutes. Definitely something you want to keep on you during a festival :) If you have a beauty brand or sunscreen that you absolutely love – leave me a comment – I’m always looking for natural products to test out. Also, if you are going to Coachella next year – let’s Carpoolchella.






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