My name is Kayla Harnish and I am the founder and editor of The Audax Journal, an ethical fashion blog with a goal to inspire modern women to make the switch to an ethical wardrobe (without sacrificing their unique style.)

Where are you from? I was born in a small town off the gulf coast of Florida, but spent a good portion of my childhood in the maritimes of Canada. Just spent 3 beautiful years Abu Dhabi, UAE and am now setting up in southern Alabama. 

What is your style like? Depends on the mood. Usually, I resort to dark separates with a touch of masculinity. That’s my comfort zone. It’s not uncommon, however, to find me looking like a 1950’s housewife or a gypsy pirate.

Why ethical fashion? I have a deep appreciation for the environment and cannot accept deciding to wear clothes that harm it. You protect what you fall in love with – and I am absolutely in love with this planet…..and my wardrobe. Having an ethical wardrobe allows me to find balance in loving both. 

What is your profession? When I am not developing content for The Audax Journal – I am a traveling freelance photographer



The Name:

The Audax Journal


The word Audax is latin for “bold, daring” (pronounced aw-daks).  I tend to gravitate towards bold pieces, bright colors, things that stand out. There is a common misconception that an ethical wardrobe is boring due to the minimal selection of eco-friendly materials.  The Audax Journal is here as proof that you can have a bright, beautiful, ethical wardrobe without giving up your love for color.


The Symbol:

Inguze2 copy

The symbol in our logo is the Viking Rune inguz. While it has many meanings, it essentially represents the beginning and end of a phase. We want to inspire people to end the harmful trend of fast fashion and transition to an ethical wardrobe for life.








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